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CR Series

CR Series Band Selective Repeater to solve in-building network coverage problems in areas with high density traffic. Its unique features and design allow for optimal unit performance in a variety of medium and larger-sized indoor areas such as office buildings and conference facilities, where it can greatly improve the quality of service and user experience.

The CR Series boosts indoor signal levels, enabling high data transmission rates and allowing operators to exploit the full capabilities of networks. Powerful, versatile and designed for network safety, the CR Series is the ideal solution for operators looking to extend the coverage of their network.

CR Series

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For ST Single Band repeater,  Coiler is offering ST-800(Band 20)ST-900(Band 8)ST-1800(Band 3)ST-2100(Band 1)ST-2600(Band 7)

For ST Dual Band repeater,  Coiler is offering ST-918 /ST-922 / ST-1822

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