Rohde & Schwarz (R & S) has long been a world leader in measuring instruments, and is committed to providing the mobile communications industry with the solutions needed to optimize existing technologies and promote the development of future technologies. We are proud to be established a partnership with Rohde & Schwarz (R & S), a leading brand in the instrument industry, and fully represented its T & M Instrument. And millimeter wave frequency range (also known as FR1 and FR2) base station measurement instruments, 5G signal generation and analysis instruments, over-the-air (OTA) measurement instruments, and IoT measurement instruments to support Taiwanese telecom operators’ ability to quickly invest in 5G Network construction and pioneering opportunities for business operations.

Nokia is a leading global supplier of mobile phones and a leader in mobile, fixed and IP networks, multimedia terminals and related services.
In 2019, 5G services will continue to be traded in various countries. Not only the telecommunications industry, 5G services will enter vertical industries in the future, and artificial intelligence (AI) will also be introduced. Facing the expanding business opportunities, Coiler is with pleasure to cooperate with Nokia to provie 5G private network equipment to provide vertical integration services for large Taiwanese enterprises or governments.

Microdata is a Swedish telecommunications company operating in the wireless infrastructure market. It is also the former parent company of LGP Telecom, the world’s leading TMA and filter manufacturer. Provides RF tuning solutions for any site sharing or upgrade solution. These solutions are the result of their in-house expertise in field design and our own product development. The product portfolio includes test and measurement solutions, cable and antenna analyzers, and PIM test equipment. The PIM of all passive components has reached -160dBc since 2017. It also the world’s smallest supplier of MIMO filters.
In 2019, it launched a channel-specific 5G filter for 3.5 GHz frequency.

Ace Technologies is Korea’s first car phone developer. With a series of RF system equipment and next-generation antennas, it not only led the wireless communication industry in South Korea, but also expanded into the global market of the communication equipment industry as Korea’s leading ICT Company.
Ace Technologies’ core business areas include mobile network related equipment and components developed on the basis of wireless communication technology. The main products include base station RF components such as base station antennas, filters, telecommunication radio (RRH) and other markets; mobile antennas and RF connectors.
Currently, efforts are being made to expand the mobile communications business into the defense and automotive sectors, and develop technologies to support the growing telecommunications market (such as IoT, millimeter-wave RF and data analysis technologies), diversify its business portfolio and develop unparalleled technologies to Support the evolution to 5G, including new radio access technologies at higher frequencies, smaller, more complex high-performance antennas, and many other new technologies being developed.

Ranplan is an innovative British wireless technology company that uses advanced 3D indoor modeling and 3D RF propagation and simulation capabilities to develop world-leading software tools for outdoor / indoor wireless network planning, design and optimization. Provide telecommunications companies, system integrators in radio propagation, small cell and DAS networks, automatic RAN optimization, and complex HetNet deployment signal simulation for cellular networks in buildings, public safety and IoT to select the best signal coverage area of equipment to reduce construction costs.
At present, the software supports 5GNR network simulation. It is the best tool for the telecommunications company RF engineers or system integrators who will invest in 5G equipment signals in the near future.

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