IoT Management Platform

Coiler launched NMS Infinity, a smart management platform for mobile repeaters in 2014, which effectively solves the difficult management problems faced by operators facing multiple devices provided by different vendors. Inconvenient, in addition, the platform can help telecom operators to record site signal fluctuation cycles and alert prevention mechanism settings around the clock, so that equipment can be notified in advance when the level of equipment operation is reduced, asset management for equipment operators, equipment status at any time, and environmental signal records and reduce unnecessary inspections.

We have upgraded to the Internet of Things (IoT) cloud management platform after experiencing the mature management experience of thousands of “things” in telecom markets; allowing “things” in different industries to easily share the same platform, in addition to reducing investment costs better ensure platform management success.

Multi-Devices Management

When Coiler developed Cloud NMS Infinity, priority was given to the tolerance and flexibility of managing the device. In our past experience, we know that for business owners, the brand supplier of the actual product changes due to some reasons, which causes various disadvantages The reason for the management situation is that the manufacturers are accustomed to using the self-developed management system but have not taken into account the uniformity of business owners’ use. Our Cloud NMS Infinity system uses this system or the northbound and southbound interfaces of the device to make a unified communication protocol to achieve flexible management functions.

Map Interface

In terms of equipment management, in addition to presenting a traditional list of managed equipment, we also support the presentation of devices on the Google Maps interface, so that the devices can intuitively indicate the geographical location and note the latest update information of the devices. Coiler’s management platform also supports online and offline device display on the station, which can assist telecommunications operators in asset management, reduce the time of location search during the maintenance process, and understand equipment problems in advance.

Communication Mold

The Internet of Things (IoT) platform is based on the Internet, and the field of telecommunications signals that Coiler is familiar with promotes our speed in establishing an object and management platform. Currently on NMS Infinity, objects can use IP methods and management platforms to do communication. And the equipment using the IP protocol can realize timely device polling and control.

Alarm Report

In addition to the traditional alarm and problem reporting of NMS Infinity, Coiler also provides device warning line settings. For ASMA device using the IP communication protocol, it can detect the yield of environmental signals through the timed active reporting function. The management platform can be set. The warning line compares the data reported by the device to find abnormalities and notify the engineer or manager.

Data Record Analysis

Coiler’s products with ASMA, in addition to assisting users to amplify signals in specific areas, can also set timing tests on the NMS Infinity management platform to choose whether the test signal source is from the base station or the server. Reference indicators for whether signal repeaters are required in the region.


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