Cloud Management System
NMS Infinity

NMS Infinity is the latest remote repeater management solution developed by Coiler Corporation. Intuitive and fast, this fully customizable PC software’s unique features make it an indispensable tool for operators worldwide.


Map Interface

Instead of using cumbersome lists, NMS Infinity displays the critical data of all the repeaters in a network on a Google Maps-based user interface. This enables users to get a one-glance view of their overall network status, and repeaters requiring specific attention can easily be located.

Cloud-based System

NMS Infinity’s cloud-based architecture means the software can be accessed anywhere with a browser, greatly simplifying its usage. This private cloud can either be hosted on the customer’s own servers, or on Coiler Corporation’s.


IP Communication

Aside from supporting traditional SMS-based communication, NMS Infinity also supports IP data to communicate with the repeaters in the network. IP communication allows for almost real-time polling and control of repeaters.

Alarm Forwarding

Any time an alarm is triggered on one of the repeaters in the network, NMS Infinity will immediately forward it to the NOC (via SNMP) and/or to the maintainer responsible for the unit (via SMS or email), guaranteeing that no alarm goes unnoticed.

Signal Quality Data

Remote Site Survey

NMS Infinity supports Coiler’s new modem, the Remote Survey Unit (RSU), developed to replace the traditional RCU modem for remote repeater management. RSU-equipped repeaters are able to perform call tests and measure signal strength in the repeater’s service areas, thus simulating user experience and providing valuable insight on signal and performance throughout the network.

Big Data Gathering

NMS Infinity allows users to schedule the dates and frequency of these call tests, which can be performed 24/7 and as often as desired. The data collected is then available for analysis, enabling operators to monitor network usage performance and develop efficient network planning strategies.


Flexible settings

Administrators of NMS Infinity can create multi-layer zones, define user privileges, customize reports, and set automatic polling & backup schedules, tailoring the software to the exact needs of its users.

Personalized design

Users can also change the look and feel of NMS Infinity by modifying legends, changing the logo and inserting informational messages, and even customizing the wallpaper!

Multi-vendor support

The Repeater Control Protocol (RCP) is a protocol designed by Coiler which can be universally applied by all repeater manufacturers. Several operators have requested Coiler’s RCP and released it to their various repeater suppliers, ensuring that all the repeaters in their network can be managed by Coiler’s NMS Infinity. In addition, Coiler offers the option of integrating other repeater manufacturers’ protocols into the software code, so operators can transfer non-Coiler repeaters into NMS Infinity.

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