Cloud Management System
NMS Infinity

With the upcoming 5G, the Internet of Things(IoT) and could has become two of the most important topics of discussion for 5G applications worldwide. Through 4G and 5G, Smart Meter、Intelligent Lighting…. etc, everything is connected and become an unstoppable trend. 

Repeater, one of the mobile signal enhance solution, by the time operator deployed more, the more and more operators consider repeater shall be managed since operator needs to know repeater status and take proper action before complains call come.

The Cloud NMS Infinity is the latest intelligent 4G repeater management cloud-based solution provided by Coiler Corporation. Intuitive and fast, this fully customizable PC software’s unique features make it an indispensable tool for operators worldwide.

Cost Effective


Rather than purchasing expensive hardware, software for the repeater management system, there is no capital expenditure required. There is no worrying about underlying infrastructure costs, the cost of system upgrades and maintenance as they are included in your year contract. The metered service (pay-per-use) allows you to be charged only for what you actually use.


Map Interface

Instead of using cumbersome lists, NMS Infinity displays the critical data of all the repeaters in a network on a Google Maps-based user interface. This enables users to get a one-glance view of their overall network status, and repeaters requiring specific attention can easily be located.


The Cloud NMS Infinity’s cloud-based architecture means the software can be accessed anywhere with a browser to gives you the ability to collaborate, communicate and share easily greatly simplifying its usage. No matter where you are, the critical data you need is just a few clicks away. The Cloud NMS Infinity greatly enhances flexibility resulting in fewer time delays.

Faster Communicating Speed

IP Communication

Through 4G communication, the Cloud NMS Infinity supports IP communication and communicates with the repeaters in the network. The quicker response time (<30 sec) is much faster than SMS-based communication.

Remote Repeater Software Upgrade

With the remote repeater software upgrade, the user doesn’t have to go on-site to upgrade repeater firmware, just a few clicks to arrange software upgrade in non-peak hours or when people are sleeping.

OMC Compatibility

No worry missing alarms in Coiler OMC

if you used Coiler OMC to management Coiler SMS-based repeaters now, via Coiler cloud NMS Infinity, the OMC Alarm can be forwarded to Cloud NMS Infinity, guaranteeing that no alarm goes unnoticed. With Coiler Cloud NMS Infinity, comprehensive monitoring has been greatly improved.

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