2G/3G/4G Solution for High Density In-Building Traffic
  • Gain: 75dB
  • Output power (UL/DL): +18dBm
  • Variable bandwidth
  • Triple Technology Support
  • Complete network safety with AGS, AGA, AGC, ASD and ATO
  • LED display of RSSI level and key alarms
  • Supports Bluetooth for wireless connection to the repeater
  • Optional remote management & call testing through IP communication


ST-918 is a Pico dual band repeater for indoor LTE Band 8 (900Mhz) and LTE Band 3 (1800Mhz) coverage extension. On the 900Mhz, ST-918 also can support UMTS or GSM 900 freqency and technologies. Lightweight and compact, it can boost mobile signal in spaces of up to 5000 sq. m.

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