VB Dual Band Series

The One Step Dual Band Upgrade Solution
  • Gain: up to 70dB
  • Output power (UL/DL): up to +18dBm
  • Variable bandwidth
  • Smart installation with Coiler’s Intelligent Automatic Gain Control
  • Complete network safety with AID, ASD, ATO and AGC
  • LED display of RSSI level and key alarms
  • One step dual-band upgrade
  • Optional remote management


Coiler developed the VB Upgradable Series to provide a simple, one step dual-band upgrade solution to operators who simultaneously need to solve in-building 900/1800, 900/2100 or 1800/2100 coverage problems. By coupling two VB repeaters, operators can instantly switch from single to dual band solutions, extending their coverage capabilities on two networks without increasing the number of repeaters to manage.
The VB Dual Band Selective Repeater can be used to provide coverage in a variety of medium and larger-sized indoor areas such as office buildings and conference facilities, where it can greatly improve the quality of service and customer experience.

Available coupling scenarios:
VB-900 + VB-1800 for 900/1800 bands
VB-900 + VB-2200 for 900/2100 bands
VB-1800 + VB-2200 for 1800/2100 bands

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