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PS Series

PS Series is Coiler’s Interference Cancellation System (ICS) repeater for smaller indoor environments such as homes and offices. With built-in donor and service antennas, PS installation is as simple as plugging it in. Its intuitive LED indicators allow even the most non-technical user to easily install the unit in the best location for optimal performance.

Simple and complete, the PS Digital ICS repeater is a unique offering for mobile carriers to instantly solve their customers’ 3G network coverage problems.

PS Series

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For ST Single Band repeater,  Coiler is offering ST-800(Band 20)ST-900(Band 8)ST-1800(Band 3)ST-2100(Band 1)ST-2600(Band 7)

For ST Dual Band repeater,  Coiler is offering ST-918 /ST-922 / ST-1822

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