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AT Series

AT Series Selective Repeater is Coiler’s unique offering for a rapid mobile coverage extension on the residential network. It has been specifically designed to help carriers solve coverage problems and enable high data transmission rates in a variety of smaller indoor environments such as homes and offices.

All AT Series has built-in service antenna allows for a convenient plug-and-play installation, while its additional antenna extension port makes the system flexible and easy to adapt to any environment. The unit can be deployed even by the most non-technical user, making it perfect for operators seeking a smart and economic solution to satisfy their customers’ growing demands for high-quality indoor coverage and fast data transmission.

AT Series

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For ST Single Band repeater,  Coiler is offering ST-800(Band 20)ST-900(Band 8)ST-1800(Band 3)ST-2100(Band 1)ST-2600(Band 7)

For ST Dual Band repeater,  Coiler is offering ST-918 /ST-922 / ST-1822

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