5G MiFi 10000mAh
Model: M6000 – BK101A

5G MiFi 10000mAh
Model: M6000 – BK101A

Coiler's M6000 5G MiFi is Lightweight and portable, the device is ideal for home and office environments, enabling smooth 4K video streaming, low-latency gaming performance, and faster Internet speeds. The M6000 (type BK101A) provide the power bank function and support fast charge which is faster than traditional LTE and with build in high gain antenna, you can instantly enjoy the best LTE speed experience allow you to download the 4K/8K movies in seconds. Recommend for Life Streaming, Mobile Office, Traveling, Smart Inspection, Smart Education.....,applications.

Device Specifications

5G High-speed Internet

Theory Data rates

 DL: 4.6Gbps,UL:1.25 Gbp 


High speed WiFi6

MTK Chipset

Built with T750 chipset


Chargeable Lithium-ion battery, standby a long time


General Type-C port, for faster charging and future compatibility

Multi device Connection

,Support 32 surfing users 


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