AT- Series
Low Power Repeater

AT- Series
Low Power Repeater

AT-Series repeaters are designed to solve in-door 2G,3G, 4G coverage problems in small environments such as apartments, homes, or offices. Boosting voice and data in spaces up to 250 sq meters.

Device Specifications

AT-Series Product Description 


Designed to solve coverage problems in small indoor environments such as small apartments, homes, or offices. AT-Series repeaters provide powerful mobile coverage extension by delivering reliable voice, text, and data in the most remote and challenging areas.

AT-Series can be deployed by non-technical users, making it a convenient solution for operators and System integrators seeking a smart and economical solution to satisfy their customers' growing demands for high-quality indoor coverage. Compatible with all significant EMEA and APAC mobile carrier networks. 


65 dB

Output Power (UL/DL)
13 dBM 

Supported Technology

Complete Network Safety Functions
Including AID, ASD, ATO and AGC

Led Indication 
Gain attenuation buttons and LED display of RSSI level

Built in Service Antenna 
Combines an embedded service antenna with a stylish and compact design that will complement the decor of any home or office

Installation Sample  



 AT-Series Portfolio 

Repeater Model Frequency –Band Network /Technology Network /Technology Bandwidth
AT-900 Band 8 GSM/UMTS/LTE 65dB / 13dBm Fix Bandwidth
AT-2200 Band 1 UMTS/LTE 65dB / 7dBm Fix Bandwidth
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