• May 27, 2016

Our Second Free App Is Now Available on Google Play!

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Our Second Free App Is Now Available on Google Play!

SSA Capture, Coiler’s second free mobile application, was released today on Google Play.

SSA Capture provides users with detailed network parameters and signal quality information directly on their Android smartphones, and lets them overlay this data on a geotagged photo of their location. In just two clicks, the photo and its valuable information can be shared to third parties, making it easier than ever for RF technicians to report back to base after field operations, or for end users to let their service providers know of any issue in the network. Captured images and their overlayed data are displayed on a convenient map-based interface, making photos of different locations easy to find.

The newly-launched app follows in the footsteps of SSA Outdoor, Coiler’s free signal mapping app released on Google Play in November 2015.

SSA Capture QR Code


Download SSA Capture for free here: Google Play Store

or scan the QR code to access the app page on the Play Store.

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