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SSA Advanced - The Complete Pocket Troubleshooter

SSA Advanced is a powerful tool developed by Coiler to measure and log signal quality on LG’s V20 Android smartphone. It has the ability to record and instantly analyze the tested info so immediate actions can be taken without the need of a post-processing tool. Its user-friendliness enables engineers to efficiently carry out all classic site survey scenarios, while its reasonable price-tag makes it affordable for all RF businesses and professionals.

Carrier Aggregation Support

Operators worldwide have heavily invested in LTE-Advanced, and most now offer their subscribers carrier aggregation (CA) for higher speeds and reliability. By supporting 3CA (category 9 LTE) on bands 3, 7, 8, and 28, as well as 2CA (category 6 LTE) on all other major bands, SSA Advanced allows engineers to monitor and test all CA parameters, and ensure the technology’s efficiency and performance.

*Coiler’s SSA Advanced is currently provided on the LG V20 handset (model H990-DS), which supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/900/1700/1800/1900/2100, and LTE bands 1 (2100), 2 (1900 PCS), 3 (1800+), 4 (AWS), 5 (850), 7 (2600), 8 (900), 12 (700 ac), 17 (700 bc), 20 (800 DD), 28 (700 APT),38(TD 2600),39(TD 1900+), 40 (TD 2300),41(TD2500). The LG V20 supports 3CA of bands 3, 7, 8 and 28, as well as 2CA of all other supported LTE bands.


  • Supports carrier aggregation of up to 3 carriers
  • Shows Pcell & Scell parameters during CA
  • Shows MIMO parameters for Pcell & Scell
  • Supports outdoor & indoor testing
  • Offers 7 types of call test options
  • Synchronized playback in the app
  • Converts logs to Excel or Google Earth formats
  • Displays imported BTS locations on map

SSA Outdoor - the free signal quality mapper

SSA Outdoor enables field technicians to test RF signal quality through different call types in specific locations or along routes, logging and mapping the results in real-time on street maps or satellite view. It provides detailed RF parameters directly on the user’s Android smartphone, simplifying installations and drive-through troubleshooting.

SSA Outdoor QR Code

SSA Outdoor is available for free on Google Play – scan the QR code or click here to download it. 


• Supports 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi signal logging, and basic 2G signal level
• Supports street map view and satellite view for outdoor mapping
• Allows idle and throughput logging with flexible call settings
• Displays serving and neighbor cells signal levels
• Converts logs to .kml files to be viewed on Google Earth
• Compatible with devices running Android KitKat (4.4.x) and Lollipop (5.x)

SSA Capture - Geotagged photos with RF parameters

Get detailed network parameters such as signal strength, UL/DL speeds, cell ID etc. directly on your Android smartphone and display the data in overlay on geotagged photos for easy sharing.

SSA Capture is the simplest and fastest way for RF technicians to report back to base after field operations, or for end users to let their service providers know of any issue in the network. Simply take a picture through the app – the overlay text will display your precise location and all relevant signal parameters – and click “share” to send!
Captured images and their overlaid data are displayed on a convenient map-based interface, making photos of different locations easy to find.

SSA Capture QR Code

SSA Capture is available for free on Google Play – scan the QR code or click here to download it. 


  • Supports 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi signal logging, and basic 2G signal level
  • Performs UL/DL throughput tests
  • Displays network parameters and location coordinates on photos
  • Allows users to add text to captured images
  • Uses geotagging to display captured images on a Google Maps-based interface

SSA Indoor - Signal info logged on indoor floor plans

With SSA Indoor, RF professionals can now perform high-precision mapping of indoor signal quality on their Android smartphone, helping them plan and execute coverage improvement installations.

Coiler’s third free signal quality measurement app focuses on indoor logging, allowing users to upload or photograph building floor plans and define routes along which to perform call tests. The resulting logged signal info will help determine which areas of a building require coverage enhancement, and how service antennas should be distributed.

SSA Indoor provides summarized log reports for immediate review; the log files can also be exported and analyzed in more detail with SSA Analyzer, Coiler’s free PC post-processing software.


SSA Indoor is available for free on Google Play – scan the QR code or click here to download it. 


  • Indoor maps can be uploaded or photographed
  • Allows users to predefine routes on indoor plans, or map signal as they go
  • Performs idle and throughput tests with flexible call settings
  • Displays serving and neighbor cells signal levels
  • Supports 4G, 3G and basic 2G signal logging
  • Compatible with SSA Analyzer (Coiler’s post-processing software)
  • Supports Android 6.0 and above

SSA Analyzer - PC post-processing software for SSA logs

SSA Analyzer is a PC post-processing software designed to compile and analyze data logged on Coiler’s SSA mobile apps.

Thanks to SSA Analyzer, log files can now be combined and compared, giving the user a clearer overall view of their network status measured when performing both outdoor and indoor call tests.

The interface can be divided into up to 4 windows, displaying log results on a map, as a graph, a table and an overall statistics report – synchronized replay then allows the user to visualize the data on all windows simultaneously.

The map legend range and color can be customized, making data export to Google Earth simpler, as the differentiating colors no longer need to be set before each call test.

SSA Analyzer is an indispensable tool for RF engineers looking to get the most out of their SSA call test logs – and you can download it now for free here!

Click here to download the SSA Analyzer Operation Guide.


  • Import and centralize all log files from Coiler’s SSA mobile applications in one location
  • Process both indoor and outdoor logs
  • Display signal quality info on a map-based interface
  • Customizable legend range and colors
  • Combine and replay call test logs
  • One-click statistic summary reports
  • Export raw data to Excel or Google Earth
  • Requirements: desktop or laptop running Windows 7 or above

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