• January 17, 2017

SSA Analyzer is here – and it’s free!


SSA Analyzer is here – and it’s free!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of SSA Analyzer, our new FREE PC post-processing software for SSA logs.

Thousands of RF professionals worldwide have been using and loving our free signal quality mapping application, SSA Outdoor – thanks to SSA Analyzer, their log files can now be combined and compared on a desktop or laptop, giving the user a clearer overall view of their network status measured when performing both outdoor and indoor call tests.

Software highlights:

  • Import and centralize all log files from Coiler’s SSA mobile applications
  • Process both indoor and outdoor logs
  • Display signal quality info on a map-based interface
  • Combine and replay call test logs
  • One-click statistic summary reports
  • Export raw data to Excel or Google Earth
  • Requirements: laptop or desktop running Windows 7 or above

SSA Analyzer is the indispensable tool for RF professionals looking to get the most out of their SSA call test logs – and you can download it now for free here!

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