• April 30, 2012

Variable Band Repeater for DCS & LTE 1800

Variable Band Repeater for DCS & LTE 1800

TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 30, 2012 – Coiler introduced its new VB-series variable band repeater for DCS & LTE 1800MHz networks.

The VB series was Coiler’s first variable band selective repeaters in the Pico power category (small to medium-sized indoor areas). The first two VB models introduced were the VB-900 and the VB-2200, both of which became instant successes. The ability to adjust frequency and bandwidth answers the growing market demand for a future-proof products. As LTE technology is increasingly being deployed around the world, Coiler developed the VB-1800 to service the 1800MHz frequency.

The VB-1800 has 70dB of gain and an output power of +17dBm. The unique feature of the VB-1800 is that it comes with built in coupling ports to both 900 and 2100 networks. Along with the VB-900 and the VB-2200, any two models can be combined together as a dual band product.

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