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Company Profile

Coiler Corporation is one of the most experienced and most focused repeater suppliers in the world. Since its founding in 1991, Coiler has been expanding and diversifying its repeater product portfolio to offer today probably the widest range of indoor and outdoor mobile signal enhancement solutions in the industry.

With a repeater portfolio ranging from stylish indoor signal boosters for residential use to powerful weatherproof devices for outdoor environments, Coiler has a solution adapted to every customer’s coverage need. Our growing line of mobile applications and software products, developed specifically for RF engineers and field technicians, simplifies repeater installation and management significantly.

With headquarters in Taiwan and branch offices in Poland and Korea, Coiler is a truly international company which prides itself in providing its products and services across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

Coiler Corporation is a certified ISO9001 company since 2007.

History & Milestones


Coiler Corporation is founded in Taiwan for the production of electronic engine equipment.


Coiler launches its RF division and begins focusing on repeaters.


Coiler’s international expansion begins, with Vodafone becoming a key account.


Coiler introduces its remote management system, OMC, allowing clients to centralize and simplify their repeater network management.


Coiler launches its first band-selective repeaters, to ensure only the client’s frequency is amplified.


Coiler earns the ISO9001 certification.


International outreach continues with the opening of branches in Europe and China.


Coiler introduces its first Site Survey Application line of network-analysis software.


Coiler launches NMS Infinity and the ST line of repeaters, pioneering the next generation of repeater integration systems.


Coiler launches SSA Indoor on Google Play, SSA Indoor is useful for planning indoor network optimizations or troubleshooting existing installations.


Coiler launched a new generation of digital technology repeater series, introduced automatic gain control function to reduce installation inconvenience due to environmental interference; make the equipment installation more intelligent.


Coiler launched a new generation of cloud IoT repeater management platform (Cloud NMS Infinity). The platform can communicate with devices quickly through IP. It can also provide remote trouble shooting and device batch software upgrades to reduce the management costs and rising the management efficiency.

Business Philosophy


At Coiler, we value our place not only in the business world but also in our community as a whole. We are always driven by our four core values of honesty, integrity, activeness, and responsibility.

Honesty in our relationships with our employees, partners and community. We see fair and straightforward business practices as the foundations of all successful endeavors.

Integrity at every level of our business practices. We subject ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and demand the same commitment from our suppliers and partners.

Pro-activeness in our desire to innovate and reinvent the telecommunications industry, and our continuous efforts to strengthen Coiler’s presence worldwide.

Responsibility towards our employees, our suppliers, our clients, our community and ourselves. At Coiler, we view the growth of our business and the growth of the community as interdependent.

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