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SSA Indoor has arrived!

Our third free app, SSA Indoor, is making its world debut today on Google Play! As the name suggests, this Android application is designed to map indoor signal quality information. Indoor floor plans can be uploaded to the app or photographed, and users can then define a route along which they will perform the call test of their choice. Once the call test is started, the user just needs to walk along the defined route, tapping each turning point as they reach it, while SSA Indoor records network parameters along the way. Indoor maps with predefined routes can be reused as many times as wanted, for example to perform comparative call tests. Users also have the choice to log signal as they go, defining the route while the call test is in progress. This app is particularly useful for planning indoor network optimizations or troubleshooting existing installations. SSA Indoor can help engineers pinpoint the best locations for service antennas, or locate changes in the network over time at installation sites. Download SSA Indoor for free today, and become one of the first in world to get this great tool on your Android smartphone! App highlights: Indoor maps can be uploaded or photographed Allows users to predefine routes on indoor plans, or map signal as they go Performs idle and throughput tests with flexible call settings Displays serving and neighbor cells signal levels Supports 4G, 3G and basic 2G signal logging Compatible with SSA Analyzer (Coiler’s post-processing software) Supports Android 6.0 and above
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