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Coiler launches third free signal quality app, SSA Indoor, on Google Play

Taipei, June 26, 2017 – SSA Indoor, an Android application developed by Coiler Corporation to measure and log in-building mobile signal quality, was released today for free on Google Play. SSA Indoor, third free app of the SSA suite, allows RF professionals to perform high-precision mapping of indoor signal quality on their Android smartphone, helping them plan in-building network optimizations, or troubleshoot coverage issues in existing installations. Users can upload indoor maps or photograph building floor plans and define routes along which to perform call tests. The resulting logged signal info will help determine which areas of a building require coverage enhancement, and how service antennas should be distributed. “SSA Indoor is the first free app of its kind,” explains Eddy Chang, Senior Software Engineer at Coiler. “There are a number of free or low-cost signal measurement apps readily available, but none of them allow users to load indoor floor plans and define routes along which to perform call tests – with SSA Indoor you can do all of that, and we hope it will help RF technicians plan and complete their installations without having to break the bank to purchase expensive tools.” Aside from the newly released SSA Indoor, Coiler’s SSA line of free signal quality measurement and analysis tools includes SSA Outdoor, a mobile app for drive test mapping, SSA Capture, which allows users to take photos displaying signal parameters of the location in overlay, and SSA Analyzer, a PC post-processing software for SSA log files. SSA Indoor and the other SSA mobile applications are available for download free of charge on Google Play: For more information about Coiler’s products and services, please feel free to contact us at About Coiler Corporation Since its creation in 1991, Coiler has grown to become a global provider of mobile signal enhancement solutions. Its innovative products and tools help network operators worldwide achieve their full potential and provide their customers with the best indoor and outdoor coverage.
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