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SSA Outdoor hits 10k downloads

SSA Outdoor, our first ever app to be released for free on Google Play, has just reached the 10,000 downloads mark – and with a user rating of over 4 out of 5 stars, we can proudly say this app has been overwhelmingly well received by its users! Developed with RF engineers and technicians in mind, this Android app allows users to get network performance information without having to spend thousands on specialized tools. Here are some examples of how SSA Outdoor can be used to help correctly install repeaters, or for network optimization planning: Network parameter readings at a specific location SSA Outdoor’s first tab shows all the relevant network parameters in the location of the device. This can come in handy when selecting the best location for donor and service antennas, or to troubleshoot issues on repeater sites. Exploratory drive tests SSA Outdoor can log signal quality information and display it on a Google Maps interface, giving a clear indication of the network status along a route. This can help plan future network developments by highlighting areas lacking in signal coverage and strength. Comparative call tests SSA Outdoor can also perform throughput tests, measuring download and upload speeds in specific locations or along routes. This can be particularly useful to measure the variations in capacity requirements at different times or different periods, revealing for instance much higher demands on the network at rush hour on a Monday than during a Sunday afternoon – information which can help engineers pinpoint locations where capacity-enhancement solutions should be deployed. Thanks to SSA Outdoor, an efficient drive test tool is now available to all for free, helping even smaller companies or system integrators plan their network strategies without breaking the bank. Download SSA Outdoor now, and join the thousands of users who have had their work simplified thanks to our app!
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