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SSA Advanced is back!

SSA Advanced, Coiler’s most powerful and comprehensive signal measurement tool, is back – and it’s better than ever! On top of measuring, logging and mapping signal quality with high precision in both outdoor and indoor environments, the new SSA Advanced now provides 3 CA (Carrier Aggregation) support on LTE bands 3, 7, 8, and 28, as well as 2 CA support on all other major LTE bands, a critical feature in today’s LTE-Advanced world. SSA Advanced offers 7 different types of call tests, and automatically creates easy-to-share, detailed reports of each test performed. Call test logs can then be replayed and viewed directly in the app for instant review after each test. The hardware has also been upgraded, with SSA Advanced now running on LG’s new gorgeous phablet, the LG V20. With its 5.7-inch, stunningly crisp screen, ultra-fast Snapdragon 820 processor and removable battery, this device will make SSA Advanced even more enjoyable to use. APP HIGHLIGHTS Supports carrier aggregation of up to 3 carriers Shows Pcell & Scell parameters during CA Shows MIMO parameters for Pcell & Scell Supports outdoor & indoor testing Offers 7 types of call test options Synchronized playbackin the app Converts logs to Excel or Google Earth formats Displays imported BTS locations on map
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