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New 2100MHz PICO line-up!

Coiler’s PICO 2100MHz portfolio is getting a makeover this September. We are now offering two products in this category, developed to answer the different needs of different markets. This modernized version of our long-time bestseller is now LTE-compatible, and offers ultra-fast IP communication with Coiler’s bespoke NMS Infinity as well as wireless connectivity to OMTapp via Bluetooth – and all of that for 15% less than the previous version! This is the perfect repeater for users looking for a simple and reliable coverage solution, at a very affordable price. Product specs: Gain: 70dB Output power: 18dBm Bandwidth: 15MHz or 20MHz units, shiftable 3G/4G compatible Bluetooth connectivity (line of sight) Remote communication through IP data Remote site survey capability (at donor antenna) Find out more... If you’re looking for a highly flexible, future-proof and feature-packed repeater, the ST-2200 is what you need. With its variable bandwidth, isolation cancellation technology, high speed IP communication, Bluetooth connectivity, and its ability to remotely perform call tests in the service areas to provide real-time insight on user experience, the ST repeater is the Rolls-Royce of the PICO line!
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