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Coiler's first residential LTE repeater

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 19, 2013 – Coiler introduced today its first LTE repeater for residential applications, the AT-1800, a DIY solution that anyone can install. The time for the AT-1800 repeater, designed for LTE 1.8GHz has finally come. Coiler is proud to announce its latest development, based on its experience with the highly successful AT-2200 and AT-900 models. The challenge of creating an LTE-compatible repeater lies in minimizing the group delay time. While traditional repeaters typically have a group delay time ranging between 6~8 microseconds, the AT-1800 offers a superb value of 3.3 microseconds. Such result ranks this model among the top solutions available on the market. The AT-1800 will ensure your LTE experience is exceptional, anywhere you are. With 65dB of gain and an output power of 13dBm for both UL and DL, the AT-1800 is perfect for a variety of small & medium spaces.
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