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First SOHO Repeater with interference cancellation

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 29, 2012 – Coiler introduced today its residential ICS repeater for residential applications, the PS-2200, a plug and play solution that anyone can install. The PS-2200 is Coiler’s newest residential repeater solution. It features the latest interference cancellation system (ICS) technology, allowing the unit to be equipped with built-in donor and service antennas. Installation of the PS-2200 is as easy as plug & play. With 70dB of gain and an output power of +10dBm for DL and +13dBm for UL, the PS-2200 is perfect for a variety of small & medium indoor spaces. The PS-2200 also has built-in LED indicators displaying RSSI level and key alarms, making it very simple to install and enabling the end user to improve the coverage at home or office without any technical background.
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