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Coiler launches the most desired dual band GSM/UMTS/LTE BR-809 digital repeater manageable via Coiler’s cloud-based repeater management system “Cloud NMS Infinity”

Coiler launches a new Bravo Series dual band BR-809 digital repeater supporting fixed bands on 800 and 900MHz with 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. It is an excellent product for indoor coverage enhancement in the multi-technology era. This great new model supports both L800 and UG900, the bands used by most operators as their main coverage spectrum. BR-809 is easily manageable in various indoor environments. It can be controlled locally via OMTapp through Bluetooth, or optionally equipped with remote control unit that allows for remote management via Coiler’s cloud-based management system – Cloud NMS Infinity. Network safety systems such as Auto Isolation Detection (AID), Auto Shutdown (ASD) and Auto Turn-on (ATO) ensure that the repeater ensures signal quality and is safeguarded at all times. The Automatic Gain Control (AGC) feature protects the network from oscillation and interference, preventing spikes in output power that could damage the system or interfere with base stations. For more information, please contact your Coiler sales representative or send email to
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