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More Flexible for BR Series!

BR Digital is one of our most competitive solutions for in-building coverage. Coiler possesses a broad and versatile portfolio to supplement worldwide demand. The BR Digital selective band repeater is introduced by Coiler Corporation supporting LTE technology on different bands; 28 (A/B), 20, 08,03,01,07. This device deploys and extends your signal transmission to through 80 dB of gain and 20 dBm of power. BR Digital will provide customers with a flexible installation in different indoor environments, the ability to monitor parameters via the OMT App, and wireless connection through Bluetooth. The device is compatible with an optional Remote Control Unit, which allows the ability to be monitored by Coiler’s NMS Infinity system. In order to ensure safety and signal quality, Coiler has developed Auto Gain Control (AGC) and Auto Gain Setting (AGS), protecting the system from oscillation and interference and controlling gain adjustment, depending on RSSI levels. This product model is equipped with a SAW filter containing sharp out of band gain rejection that ensures only the operator’s signal is amplified. Telecom operators can feel safe knowing that Coiler repeater’s UL stand-by mode, on UMTS and LTE, eliminates needless connectivity, enhancing BTS performance. Check out other BR series products!
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